Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leaving Hobart

The last week in Hobart proved to be frantically busy: Monday in Melbourne to get our Visa for Italy, pleasantly intermingled with a leisurely lunch with my sister Trudi, my mother Sue and my cousin Amelia; Thursday and Friday spent running around like headless chooks trying to instill some sort of order amongst the chaos which invaded the house in the form of our removalists; on the Saturday Nel and B entered into the lifelong partnership of marriage at the picturesque gardens at Margate, to the accompaniment of  a string quartet under a gazebo, and cheered on by family and friends; Sunday brought a meeting...a talk by TC... a farewell BBQ...and a blubbering testimony by yours truly and our last day, Monday, spent weighing, packing, re-weighing, re-packing suitcases with the able assistance of Jo, who became adept at stepping on and off scales clutching the said cases as she went.....all to no avail as we ended up with 20kg excess baggage :(

Trudi and Amelia
Tony and Mum

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