Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We have spent a lovely few weeks at Kings Beach recuperating, enjoying and experiencing all aspects of a Queensland summer.  The most beautiful clear skies, blue water and searing temperatures; countered with gusty winds, choppy seas, amazing grey storm clouds swollen with water which emptied with remarkable intensity, though briefly.
We soon made use of the warmer weather, enjoying the beach, walking to a local cafe where Tony indulges in a chocolate thick shake fix and the best burgers around; sampling the local fish down on the boulevard while watching locals throw a line, surf, sail and kite surf; frequenting the local book exchange; sussing out, through trial and error, which cafe makes the best coffee; using the local gym, pool and getting to know the local bike paths.
Rosie spent a few days with us, an opportunity for her to check it all out.  We picked up the  pace ( just a little) and ventured out of the local area and took her to Noosa, did a bit of the coastal walk there, before having lunch and checking out the Hastings St shops.
While here we have been lucky enough to have both our Polish and Italian accommodation finalized.  A lovely new apartment in the center of Slupsk and a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom top floor apartment in Tyrol ....which overlooks a valley before feasting your eyes on the Dolomites.   We are blessed to have friends to look out for us.  As the time here draws to a close, we are checking out the weather in Poland and find it may be better adopt the "head down, bottom up"approach as we begin to realize that it's more than possible that we will experience a temperature difference of up to 35 C !!! (-5 to -11)....i think i'll need to buy a beanie:)

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