Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hong Kong

Even Hong Kong needs outside heaters!!!

Finally a moment to catch up on this before we get moving again.

We had a 2 night stopover in Hong Kong, a place Tony fell in love with, well over 10 years ago.  Loves the warmth and humidity, the neons, bustling throngs, and the shopping.  He has developed( and those of you who know him, you will not be the least surprised!) a routine!!! Taking the tram up to Peak, unfortunately undergoing maintenance this visit, and having a brunch at this quaint cafe/restaurant which his brother had introduced to us on our first visit.  Once again an adjustment to be made on this particular outing as it was closed, one of the consequences of traveling off- season :(

A quick stroll to checkout to see if the view from the lookout had had not! and we made our way to Stanely, another of Tony's haunts.....a stroll through the markets, a lucky find for Maddie, a Dora the Explorer purse/wallet, a pink one at that, and then off to indulge in the delectable cuisine of a Vietnemese restaurant, which overlooks the absolutely picturesque harbour of Stanely.

We have timed these excursions to fit around fittings( a pun Gerry!) for Tony for a jacket he was having made to brave the weather which was just around the corner awaiting us in London.
Hong Kong proved to be a very useful stop-over in the sense that it was around 20degrees  (we left Queensland at around 30), therefore a provident stepping stone in adjusting to cooler temeperatures....not enough of one as we were to find out

The Peak

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