Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Nether Regions

This marvellous machine massages tired, sore muscles, draining through the lymphatic system…or so the blurb says. It is actually very successful at doing that.  You don’t feel the fatigue in your legs after a day pounding uneven pavements, followed by a gym session.

To achieve these miraculous results, one places themselves on a stool and places a body part on the machine to be massaged, as shown in the photo.  Some parts to be massaged require that person to lean over, straddle, sit on, and suspend themselves, hanging onto the side while pushing up against the rolling timber corrugations…not at all for the faint hearted!  Of course, the physiological differences between male and female are obvious: needless to say Tony has not been “himself” for a few weeks, and any subsequent treatments have been modified to a more suitable placement.

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  1. Lol gold!

    How the results didn't occur to him before he tried it amazes me!