Sunday, 3 April 2011

Poland - Our Arrival

We are in spending the main part of our trip to Poland in a town called Slupsk, about 20km inland from the Baltic Sea.

We flew into Gdansk from London and Lucia had organised a small people mover to take us the 2 hour trip to  Slupsk....our driver was a man on a mission..pulling out to check-oncoming traffic, before deciding to overtake and often we would only just make it, before the oncoming vehicle was upon us...a sense of being out of control- probably exacerbated by the surrealistic feeling that comes with driving on the wrong side of the road, at high speed.!

We greeted by a very excited Lucia who had the good news that we were going to be staying in a lovely modern flat which was central to all the people who were in the assembly here....a one room studio, which includes the kitchen and sleeping area; a reasonable sized entrance area which has this good-sized cupboard and a bathroom which incorporated the laundry facilties....really lucky, as you can see:)

 Those who know us are probably wondering how we have managed...not to want to kill each other that is!  it has been surprisingly easy to have remained on good terms.  We spend 24/7 in each others company( my worst nightmare) apart from a couple of hours spent either having coffee, or in Tony's case cycling, and we have survived...

Our first meal here happened to be dinner at a restaurant, and both Tony and I grabbed the opportunity to be guided by Konrad to choose typical Polish dishes.....pierogi ( dumplings filled with either ground meat or fish, cabbage,mushrooms or cheese) which are boiled, fried or baked; walnut and beef soup; beetroot soup; salmon; and a plate of raw red cabbage, sauerkraut and carrot, finely shredded. The pierogi have become a firm favorite as have the raw vegies, have had to temper our enthusiasm with the pierogi..and we now share a serve....keep those carbs down!! Pork is the main source of meat, beef, chicken and Turkey follow and lamb is a rarity.

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