Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Poland Pics

The guys in ...................

...their pinnies!!!

Tony in his hat

Look Rose...a weeks worth of living!!

One for Em

Polish parking...a new trend!

Like this Pav....


  1. Im sure that I remember you trying to teach me to park like that when I was younger...

    Nice hat on the old man, I'm surprised that you found one that fitted his massive melon :)

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  3. Hey Guys,

    Taking advantage of a nice quiet early autumn morning to sit down with a hot Rooibos and enjoy catching up on all of your adventures on the trip so far. It sounds and looks like you're having some awesome experiences over there; spiritually, culturally, culinarily! Oh and I second the verdict on the hat - it's a winner PT!
    Keep enjoying and keep posting,
    God Bless,
    Dave, Dennis & the kids (picture Julen smiling sans four front teeth:)